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Majestic Cinemas is a successful independent cinema company with multi-screen operations in regional areas. We are experienced in working with regional communities to deliver a range of entertainment, from blockbuster movies through to art-house, cultural, sporting and community events all using state-of-the art cinema technology. Our cinemas are places of community enrichment as well as places of entertainment and business.

Majestic Cinemas Sawtell is a 2 screen complex located in the heart of Sawtell’s First Avenue, the main street of Sawtell.

In line with community desires the cinema screens a range of art house and foreign films as well as the latest family and mainstream titles when possible.

The cinema has a dynamic relationship with the local community playing host to a number of community events including film festival, private business and group events, open caption screenings, as well as fundraising and specialty events.

History of the Cinema:
In 1941 Doris and Alan Brissett purchased the Community Hall on Sawtell’s First Avenue, added some wooden tiered seating, a projection room and kiosk and the Sawtell Cinema was born.  For three generations the Sawtell Cinema remained in the Brissett family until it was put up for sale. In late 2014 a group of local patrons, who shared a passion for this wonderful cinema, formed the Save Sawtell Cinema alliance and stepped forward to purchase the building.  In March 2015, Council approved plans for the renovation of the Cinema, including an upgrade to a digital projection system, division of the original cinema into two separate theatres, brand new cinema seats and the addition of a candybar. 

Early on in the redevelopment process, the Save Sawtell Cinema group discovered that running a cinema is a specialised skill.  They needed professional cinema managers to deliver the experience they expected from their renovated building. After an exhaustive search Majestic Cinemas were selected to take on this task.
The new Sawtell Cinema reopened in December 2015….and our history rolls on!


2 cinemas consisting of 190 seats in total
Full disabled seating and wheelchair access. (Call the cinema for more information about disabled access).
On street parking is available within walking distance to the cinema. Disabled parking is located at the back of the cinema.
Licensed premises, no BYO.
AND our celebrated handmade choc tops.